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The term “supply chain”, at a time foreign to most, has become almost ubiquitous in Covid-19-era parlance. Many of us are being reminded of the service that the dedicated workers in the manufacturing sector provide, even in the face of global shock and tumult. In many ways our civilizations are only able to function due to a number of ‘layers’, like manufacturing, that remain hidden to us much of the time. It is interesting to consider how an industry so essential to our society remains so elusive to so many of us. In my piece, by presenting the viewer with a composite of objects, grounds, forms, and spaces commonplace within the manufacturing sector, but only sparsely familiar to most, I hope to elicit a reassessment of the ambiguity that many feel when relating to this vital industry, while highlighting the multifaceted and complex nature of how it functions.

Graeme Skelton was born in Windsor, Ontario, in 1989. He received his BFA from the University of Windsor in 2011, where he was nominated for the BMO Student Art Competition and received the Dennis W. Knight Award for Excellence in Visual Arts. He went on to receive his MFA from the Painting Department at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, MI, in 2013. He has exhibited in numerous curated exhibitions, including “Experiencing Perspectives” at the Mercedes Benz Financial Headquarters in Farmington Hills, MI, The Art Gallery Windsor’s Triennial Exhibition “Possible Futures: What is to be Done?” and several exhibitions including “The Story of Things”, “Salon 17” and “Who’s Romeo” at SB Contemporary Art in Windsor, ON. More recently he has exhibited in “Impact 2018” at the Nielsen Park Creative Centre in Etobicoke, ON, “Framed Spaces: Canadian Painting Exhibition” at Artcite.inc in Windsor, ON, “The Ontario Society of Artist’s 146th Annual Juried Exhibition” at the John B. Aird Gallery in Toronto, ON, where he was awarded “Best of Show” by the jury, and the “2019 Ontario Juried Exhibition” at the Thames Gallery in Chatham, ON, where he received the “People’s Choice Award”. His work is represented in numerous private and corporate collections, including H W Kaufman Financial Group, and Burns and Wilcox Canada. Graeme lives and works in Windsor, Ontario.

Graeme Skelton
Graeme Skelton