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When this crisis hit Windsor I was touched with how much our community worked together. Seeing everyday essential workers risking their lives for us was extremely touching. I first wanted to do something to show my support, so I did what I do best. I made a seven foot tall nurse to stand strong and proud out side of the hospital. From that moment it grew, from thank you messages on business that had to shut down due to Covid, from personal art I made for families with nurses. Then the art Gallery of Windsor gave me an amazing opportunity to do this great Art project to help raise money. I was so thrilled to create a piece that could represent the health care workers. Standing tall and proud just like a super hero. Also wanted to be able to capture just how hectic it is for all of them. Even though these heath care workers to us look and act like super heroes they are still just people like us. They still have families at home to worry about, worry about risking their own lives, worry about all their patiences. These men and woman are greater then any superero, and we are lucky enough to have them in our corners. I truly hope this piece shows all the layers to this story. If this piece of art can show just a small part of what these great people do, I would have reached my goal.

For over twenty years I have been an active member of the Art community in Windsor. From doing murals on local business, art shows, volunteering my time to teach children how to draw, and illustrate comic books. All my experiences have been an honour and a privilege to be apart of. My biggest passion is to teach children, and share my passion for art with them. I have been lucky enough to work with the Windsor Public Library where I taught children how to draw comic books, and even produced a finished book. Also have loved being able to work with the Art Gallery of Windsor, Sunday in the Studios. It has been a great experience for me, and the children. I take great pride in my art that is displayed in the Chimczuk Museum. I have kept up working for the museum, on free comic book day, where hundreds of children from all of Windsor come and get their favourite superhero done by me, for them.

George Rizok
George Rizok