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This project reveals a pair of glasses that represent the business in a sense and shows that its all in the eyes of the beholder.

The glasses have two images in each lens. On the left lens, you will see a couple and their new home. There is a realtor finalizing a sale, and making a connection. The picture shows the warmth and joy that the couple has received.

A home is a lifelong investment and that is something worth having. It also shows the importance of the Essential workers and how we give thanks for their dedication and hard work.

On the right lens, there is a historic bank with shrubs and people that define the importance of getting all your banking needs met. This is how I acknowledge the essential workers and what that could mean to all of us as a collective whole.

Briana Benore was first “bitten by the bug” at the age of nine when she took to drawing.. Briana continues to push herself as an artist, whilst producing a steady output of new material. She earns from both her art through commissioned work and sales to the public.

Briana Benore
Briana Benore