David Derkatz

David Derkatz

About the Work

I was selected to paint the theme of IT members (broadcasters, media, news, etc) for the AGW project for Covid-19. I wanted my piece to be very raw and rugged with an almost obscure feel. Careers in the IT field are often not glamorous and are always on the front lines of every situation. I wanted to shed some light on how they’re dealing with the pandemic through this piece of art. They’re often hidden behind the lens capturing everyday moments-in-time but often go unnoticed for their efforts but always have to provide to the masses.


My name is David Derkatz (DERKZ) and I’m a Canadian multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Windsor, ON. I specialize in painting large exterior mural development using spray-paint. My style is a fusion between graffiti and fine-art using vivid and energetic methods. I enjoy creating vibrant, dynamic, and striking hyperrealistic portraits that come to life. I’ve been interested in this specific type of artistry since I was very young, starting in the graffiti scene. In the beginning, I was just a young kid who was introduced to graffiti passionately painting daily for years, I was obsessed with painting and refining my craft. Since the early stage of my art career from graffiti, I’ve transitioned to doing murals and other large scale projects and canvas works professionally. My craft has allowed me to travel and paint in my home country of Canada, the USA, Ireland, The United Kingdom, and France.

AGW Final DERKZ nocrop

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